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SWFL Housing Market Choosing a Location What Makes a Better Builder?

SWFL Housing Market    Top
What is the state of the home building industry in SW Florida, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Lehigh Acres?
Are there many newly built homes for sale SW Florida, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Lehigh Acres?
How can I select a home that is cheaper to build in SW Florida, but still maintain the essential quality that I'm after?

Choosing a Location    Top
I want to build a vacation home in Cape Coral. What location would be ideal?
Is it better to build a new construction home in Cape Coral or Fort Myers?
Where should I build a waterfront home in Cape Coral?

What Makes a Better Builder?    Top
What are the professional qualifications and credentials for a SW Florida Builder?
What is the best way to find a good home builder in SW Florida?
I have received many varying quotes from builders in SW Fl, how can I be sure of the right builder to go with?
How important is having a good rapport with the builder?
Are they knowledgeable? Did they seem well-versed in all aspects of their business?
Do you trust what the Builder is telling you? Are you comfortable with them?
What type of Warranty does a SW Florida builder have?
What does a good Cape Coral builder do if costs above the estimate arise during the project? Can you give me examples of the way to handle it?
People have told me that a builder's staff is very important. How do you know that they have the people necessary to handle my project, as I don't want my home to be overlooked?
How detailed and clear are the SW Florida builder contracts? Can I review one?
If I were to want to customize a home a Cape Coral Builder has, would he be able to accommodate me?
Are builders in SW Florida required to have licenses and insurances?
Has the builder worked in SW Florida before? Are they familiar with all the building codes?
How long have they been in business in Cape Coral?