Now Might Be a Good Time to Remodel

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Take advantage of the timing 

The economy and residential construction are both picking up In Southwest Florida.  At the same time the majority of attendees agreed with me in that we are not yet confident that the pace of the current surge will be sustainable considering the uncertainties businesses and consumers still have about the economy.   It’s my opinion that most contractors would benefit from becoming a specialist in what they do and how they do it.  After all specialists typically command higher prices than generalists.  And, true specialists are always in demand, even in down economic times.

The Future of Building

Builders have already heralded the return of Millennials to the housing market, and now they are tailoring their projects to meet the demands of younger generations. With Millennials coming of age and finally having financial backing, their needs and wants will proceed to shape the housing and mortgage landscapes—much as the boomers did before them.

Builders are now more inclined than ever to include the following into their projects:

  • More amenities
  • Smart home technology
  • Building in areas with better schools
  • Smaller, flexible spaces
  • Sustainability

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New builds are a strong indicator of a recovering market, in Southwest Florida is no exception. Florida has seen an influx of new building projects break ground. As of this writing, our partners at Donnelly Home Builders have new construction projects of their own Please fill out this form to contact a contractor . Thank You


Should I Use a Fixed-Price or Cost-Plus Contract?

A cost-plus contract differs from a fixed-price contract in that it takes the actual cost of building the home and adds a fee for the builder’s overhead and management. This fee can be either a lump sum (flat fee) or a percentage of total costs. Of course, neither you nor your builder will know the exact bottom line for the building costs until the final accounting is completed shortly after closing. A good builder will give you an accurate cost estimate, but it’s exactly that—an estimate—until the final accounting. With a costplus contract, you’ll pay the actual costs for all labor and material, plus the builder’s fee.


If you trust that your builder is competent and is working on your behalf, and if you are comfortable not knowing your exact total costs until the end of the project, then a cost-plus contract may be best for you. Your final cost will depend on the choices you make. Your builder will charge a smaller builders fee on a cost-plus basis because he assumes less risk. As part of a cost plus contract your contractor should have a detailed cost estimate before construction begins. As construction progresses you should be given monthly progress reports based on the original estimate, cost to date, estimated costs to finish, any changes to the total cost and the current estimated total cost. This will help to eliminate large surprises in total cost at the end of the project.


The Advantage of a Do-It-All Builder

The Advantage of a Do-It-All Builder

 As a professional builder in tune with the expectations of our potential home buyers, we take pride in recognizing current trends in residential design and construction products. We try to anticipate what our home buyers are looking for in a new house and offer choices that fit each family’s budget and lifestyle accordingly. At the same time, we insist on sustaining a high level of quality, remaining on schedule and within budgets, and adequately servicing our work and the components we use to build your new home. To achieve all these goals, we are very particular about the materials and products we recommend to our home buyers.


Occasionally, a home buyer may suggest something that’s not within our package of standard, upgraded or optional products. Although we encourage enthusiasm and constantly look for new (and better) ideas, some of the suggested products and materials may not meet the myriad expectations both we and our home-buyers have for lasting performance and cost efficiency.

 Crown Jewel Expanded - 3 Car (Floor Plans)

In order for us to give reliable assurances and properly service the products and features of your new home — an expectation every home buyer should have of any builder — we must be allowed to control and coordinate every aspect of the construction process. While many builders, including us, offer plenty of choices, those choices are determined based on extensive market analysis and years of experience in offering the most valuable commodity of all: your peace of mind.

“How To Obtain Your Dream Home ”

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“How To Obtain Your Dream Home ”

Sharpen those elbows, and program the speed dial. We’re in the thick of the house-hunting season, and it is getting more and more competitive. Low supply and high demand mean that buyers need to employ every trick in the book to get ahead in their search for a new home, whether it’s a sleek urban chapel conversion or a stone cottage in the Cotswold.

This means that for every property you have your heart set on, there are four other people equally determined to buy it. If you want to find the place of your dreams, you can’t be the kind of passive soul who just sits back and hopes for the best. This is a time that calls for active go-getter, prepared to use every ounce of cunning and initiative in order to track down the perfect property.

Donnelly Home Builder Have A Few Tips 



Instead of treating estate agents as foes, make them your friends. Get them on your side. “If you’re buying a cup of coffee on the way to a viewing, why not get one for the agent, as well?”

Squeeze them for information . Why are the vendors moving (death, debt or divorce)? How long has their property been on the market? How many offers have been made? What’s the lowest price they would accept? You’ll be surprised how readily an agent will respond, provided you’ve put in enough phase one spadework.

Put aside a whole day, and do a number of viewings . Also, go on a weekday. Estate agents will give you more time than at the weekend, when the world and his wife wants to view.

Take Pictures

Take your own pictures. These are much more useful than glossy agents’ shots. Film your visits on your phone, too. That way, you have something to refer to when the properties start to blur in your brain.

Gather Clues

Once you’re inside the front door, it is your big opportunity. Don’t just waft around admiring the soft furnishings, make a detailed forensic examination.

Use all of your senses. First your nose: can you smell damp, or mustiness? Then take a closer look around: are there any patches of colored wallpaper or paintwork. Ask to see the damp-course guarantee, if there is one.

Look for telltale signs of why the vendors are moving, such as a baby scan on the fridge, or piles of letters from the estate agent or bank. These may contain pointers as to how long the place has been on the market, and what price the agents actually think the place will fetch.

Then put your hands to work. “Check out the hot-water system,” . “If the property has more than one bathroom, it should have a better system than a combination boiler. Turn the shower on and check the pressure.” Don’t be shy.

Trust your Gut

In order to get a result, you’ve  got to go with your gut feeling. “You can be equipped with all the facts, floor plans and flow charts,” says Alsop, “but in my experience, the clinching factor in any property purchase is human instinct”.


Own A Home Solutions

We have been preaching the benefits of home ownership to new  buyers for a long time. The response that we received are  continuing to receive is overwhelming. We’re not talking about  people with no money or no ability to pay. We’re talking about hardworking and hard saving individuals that want nothing more than to own a home.

That’s why the huge buyer market in the Lease Option realm  represents an opportunity for an investor to cash in. Not just cash in though, but actually help a family get that home they so desperately want. This win- win scenario can be a continual money machine, as  these buyers will  most certainly tell their friends.

In this book you will fine various option you can choose from ,that best fit your needs in the process of owning your own home in South West Florida.

Click on the book to receive your free E-Book 




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Lease Option Buyer’s are the Best Tenants

Having been in Landlord-Tenant relationships for many years, it pains me to say that the percentages of good tenants are not too good. Actually it’s a damn shame, because you’ve invested a ton of energy and usually a huge amount of money in an attempt to create a great real estate investment.

The damage that tenants do to YOUR HOUSE is downright rotten. It takes a strong individual to withstand the traumatic destruction that can and does occur on rental homes.  That’s why you will never catch us doing a typical tenant rental anymore.  We strictly Lease with the Option to purchase.  We want tenants that care.

These lease optioners do care. They have put up hard earned money in the form of a non-refundable option payment to be able to possibly own a home.  And they’re not truly guaranteed that they will get the home.  In almost every circumstance, these folks have seriously challenged credit, and must go through the necessary credit repair to eventually get the home.

The option money that is put up here is a critical element to your success as an investor.  A typical tenant puts up a security deposit, which is almost always used up when they move out.  And even the best of tenants can do a little more damage then the security deposit allows for.  The worst tenants? Whoa! The non-refundable option money is key.

It’s very simple.  Lease optioners are the best tenants.  Working toward the goal of home ownership for themselves and their family dramatically increases the percentages that the investor will have their home taken care of. They have “skin in the game”.

10 Reasons To Invest in SWFL Lease Options – New Homes

10 Reasons To Invest in SWFL Lease Options – New Homes

Hi, my name is Luke Gross, AKA Mr. Intensity I’m a Cape Coral Realtor with Records Results Realty here in SW Florida, and I’ve got something really exciting to tell all of you Real Estate investors out there. I’ve been helping new and seasoned Investors take advantage of this beautiful location to be able to create and maintain a growing real estate portfolio.

One of the great challenges that most investors face is finding that golden nugget of a deal.  The market is full of people looking for the “Flip”, that property they can buy for cheap, repair, and then sell for a nice profit.  And now, as I’m sure you’re aware, finding these nuggets is harder than ever because of the huge volume of “flippers”.

Think about this  💡 The building business is starting to rock here, and knowing how to leverage the power of this  burgeoning market, takes a little know how.  That’s why I’m bringing this to you now. I work with a local builder named Donnelly Homes here in Cape Coral, and we’ve come up with a plan to get your blood pumping.  And that’s the unbelievable power of the lease option, and why using it on newly built homes will create a money machine for you.

Imperial (Floor Plans)

Every real estate investor is looking for that magic formula to get them rocking. That’s what you’ve got here. I’ll explain all of this in a simple and straight forward approach when you register here.

You’ll learn the 10 reasons why the lease option using new construction in SW Florida will be your vehicle to dramatically grow your real estate portfolio. Included in the registration, you will receive these additional free gifts that will jump start your SW Florida experience:

To begin, just enter your name and email address on the form, and I’ll follow up with an email message of all the free gifts.

Thanks for listening/watching, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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